Forex Broker Guide

Choosing forex broker is crucial factor to become a successful forex trader because that is where your money goes. Forex broker act as your spokesperson that helps you in fulfilling your orders according your needs and demands and for this service they charge you a small profit. There are so many persons acting as a forex broker in the market, think carefully on choosing good forex broker because you should’t gamble when involve real money like this.

Here is some factors you need to consider when choosing a forex broker. Please be wise in selecting forex broker because most of traders trade in different way and also capital amount to start.

Low Deposit:
Why we need the minimal amount is because it allows us to test the service first and reduce any unexpected risk. There is a lot forex broker out there, a good forex broker usually offer a very small deposit besides offering a larger need. Most of new trader love to try here and there while keeping the risk as low as possible. InstaForex Malaysia for example offers a very low deposit and they also have cent account.

Offers demo accounts:
Surely demo account is a must have for every traders and broker should offer it for free unlimited use. Good forex brokers always offer his traders to open a dummy account for practice because a dummy account allows trader to trade in original circumstances.

Forex broker must be regulated under law:
Regulated broker is important thing to consider. Regulated means the broker is registered under their country authorities.

Fast and no requotes:
Forex trading is a game of moments. This is because we also can be profit or loss in a moment. To earn profits in seconds, must select a broker who is capable to execute orders quickly.

Minimum spread:
This is one common factor in choosing the forex broker. Often time this make traders confuse because there are pro and cons. There is no need to pay a very large spread because the choice is at our hand to choose any broker we want.

High leverage is favourable:
Choosing the right leverage is depends on your capital amount and also the risk tolerance. But this is everybody choice.

Free trading software:
One of the most popular trading software is MetaTrader 4 which is free to use. A good forex broker is able to provide some help in technical issue such as anything that related to trading platform.

Friendly customer support:
This is what traders need when facing some difficulties. And you, don’t hesitate to ask anything to them. Your queries are important for the broker if they are relevant or not. An alternative way is to contacting their partner such as InstaForex Malaysia official partner.

The above key points provide a general guideline for choosing a good forex broker because it is a step towards successful forex trading. A good forex broker is a perquisite for successful trading. A good forex broker is one who will provide you up to date knowledge, low spread, low minimum deposit with low commission.

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Easy Money From Forex Rebate Programs

Forex trading offer the best investment for your money and for those who interested working at home. By using internet the foreign currency investors can trade any foreign currency based on online system provide by the brokers. The investors can quickly connect to market and easily make transactions with this internet system. The technology applied to the forex system trading caused the daily turnover reached a trillion dollars, the largest financial market now.

As a way to have additional benefit, forex rebates or cash back is one of the best easy money in forex. Forex rebate is a refund money by individual or company that receive commission after you sign up under them. Don’t underestimated the impact of taking a rebate because it is a free way to to get pay back from broker spread. Now you can see how the rebate is the best to get if you are heavy scalper.

Assume you trade 10 lots per day. If you trade that ammount per day, you should get $20 total rebate for 10 lots that you trade. Surely this is no risk at all. If you are good trader, this is very good additional income plus your trading profit. The scalping technique which merely requires a several moment to close a deal will make a lot of potential profit from this kind of rebates program.

Typically a forex rebate program will be offered by an Introducing Broker (IB) or Agent. The commission is paid to them by the broker as a reward for introducing new customers, and then they refund the money back by a percentage to the client. Everybody will get benefits by joining this program. As we know, we should get the rebate. Getting the rebates is the best way to eliminate broker spread. Surely rebate is very fun for active daily traders as an additional and no risk income to them.

You can choose to who you want to make partnership because many Introducing Brokers giving different rates. Here some well known brokers that pay high rebate to their agents such as Instaforex, FXPro, Dukascopy, FXCM etc. But from my experience, InstaForex rebates is the highest among others. Dont forget to take your rebate by registering new account under your official brokers partner.

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